Gloomy Day

Sorry guys I'm a bit behind on my videos, its just a lot of things going on...like school. Homework is just kicking my butt but I am pulling through it. I don't know about you but this week is going by very slow and its just been a drawn out day. It's like every time I look at the clock it has been the same time, when is this week going to END! lol
But one thing is ,I'm going to miss cheering for my team. Freshman Basketball is officially over, by our lost in the tournaments last Saturday. We just pray that girl's Varsity team wins regional because JV lost, and we know the boy's Varsity team has no chance because they only won 3 games. So wish our team luck because we totally need it. lol

Flats from Shoe Land ,Leggings from Marshalls,I Heart Ronson jacket, Twelfth of Eleven shirt.


(always)alanna said...

loveee the denim on denim. its so in right now- stunning jackett!
and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back visiting SOON!

Black Pearls said...

thank you so much.

Sunny Side-Up said...

I really like your hair style! So pretty!

God bless!