Harem Pants

Here is a closer look of my harem pants.
Boy.....what a day I had at school today!! It was like all eyes were on me. It was so bad that I had to do something about it so I did my lil catwalk and twirled and waved at all the people who were staring and making side way faces at me. This just shows that kids at my school really don't know fashion. All they wear is Levi jeans, Jordans, plaid shirts, graphic tees that are way to tight for their body, and skinny jeans. It's like... where is your own sense of style in this school?! Haven't you ever wanted to go out the box? I mean like who cares what people may think or say. Be bold for a change, make a difference, be you; not another clone of someone else. How hard could that be?
But overall I did have a good day, even though I don't like going to school, it's good to see your friends faces.

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