Im back in GA!
My trip was to New York and I had a wonderful time, I really didn't want to leave.
It was like saying hello to a new world in which I will be living there soon. However, it seemed like everywhere we went people were smoking on every cornor and stoplight.Taxis drivers are reckless, they will run you over if you are in there way.
Going in Time Square was like a fantasy world, I got to go on the red bleachers where Jayz and Alicia Keys shot part of their video for Empire State Mind. But at night time Time Square is a mess!! To many people that dont pay attention,bumping into you, and standing in the middle of the walk way when there is people trying to get around. That was a head ache,but hey it didn't stop me from getting to where I had to go.
So here's some of my favorite pictures from my trip

The first thing I ate when I got to New York...McDonalds

Later on... went to dinner at Uncle Jacks Steakhouse
My New York strip, yum!

Time Square

Centeral Park
Finally went to my favorite stores of all times...
FOREVER 21!!!!
Macy Street
My future school

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Sunny Side-Up said...

The two dresses that you wore are so adorable!

God bless!