Winter Break!

A break away from school is what I've been needing. No more homework or studying, just a calm relaxation day.....well weeks before going back to school.
 The weather has been better instead of roaring winds and below freezing temperatures, the sun is actual peaking out and giving us warmth in the south. What to do what to do on this break, I don't really know.. I guess more updates and new videos coming up for you!! Hope you like and have a Bless Holiday!!!

 The Wall of Inspiration
Is what I call it....yes, it is a wall full of magazine pictures coming from Instyle, Vogue, Glamour, H&M, Elle, and Lucky... all the new trends,poses and art work that I love.


Diana said...

LOVE your printed tights! you have such a great energy and blog :) i am definitely following!! thank you so much for your sweet comment!



Black Pearls said...

lol thank you. and no prob it was a given haha

Raez said...

cute looks! I adore your leggings and those cool brown boots.

xx raez

Black Pearls said...

thank you soo much..I appreciated

Boîte à Nana said...

Amazing pictures and blog!! Very original!