Yesterday Salute

Bright and sunny Saturday, you would of thought it was spring. Saturday was a day to shop shop shop to you drop. Letting me see the light to my new second favorite store Urban Outfitters. Everything you can find is in that lovely store but it is not cheap. Luckly, I have a mom that knows how to bargin shop.
 Trying to find clothing items that I really need is hard when you are occupied by all the pretty flowly tops that are on sell. I just love flowly tops now, if it was up to me I would sell all my regular tops I have now and buy all flowly tops.haha And because of that I found an idea that I will accomplish and show all my bloggers my sketch collection of AsiahLynn's flowly tops. Right now I have only sketched one but is still in the making. If you have any ideas please inform me and I will surely take them in as I go along with my sketches. When  the time is right I will be transforming my sketches into actuall pieces I can wear. ( whenever I learn how to sow ) So be on the look out!!!
xoxo asiahlynn

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