D.I.Y. Blues

Turned these denim blues into something better. I took some jeans I didn't like and never wore and bleached them. I tried to bleach them with Tilex at first but then I came to my sense that that was not going to work. Once I bleached them I took my jeans out side and placed them in a bucket of water because the smell of bleach was killing me. Airing out the house was easy but I still had the smell of bleach in my nose. Coming back to my pants in the bucket of water; I had saw that the water had turned yellow. ( gross ) After, taking them out I let them dry a full day and started cutting. That was the most difficult thing ever to do. I got so tired of using scissors so I just used a knife: of course a book inside the pants so you won't cut the back of the pants. Getting all the cuts in that one pants leg was enough for me. Trying to make them look distress was another challenge but was quite easy. I used a cheese shredder and a nail buffer to make it look ruff and have all those pieces of strings come out. I really love these pants. I think they are one of a kind. You can try to do this too!!! Really easy.  If you have a D.I.Y. that you just love send me a picture and I will post it on my blog for everybody to see your creation! My email: asiah.gregory@yahoo.com

One of those off moment pictures.


Sassi said...

wow, those jeans are gorgeous!

Black Pearls said...

Thank you soo Much!

lil miss Sauniya' said...

the result is just awesome, Great job on the DIY, LOVING IT!! :)

Emma said...

Ohhh want the jeans, so cool!!!! Can you make me a pair lol!!!!

xo Emma


Toria said...

Your DIY jeans came out really nice! I like it!