Let Winter Break Begin

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Winter break is here!! And I'm going to live it up by----sleeping. haha No more finals that have been stressing me out this whole week. So I truly do need the sleep since I've been going to sleep around 1am and then trying to get up early to study some more.---Is this how it's going to feel when I get into college??


Since I've been complaining about my hair on how it is not growing and there's no oil or shine what so ever--I've been trying new products that can help strengthen my hair to its best potential.
Right now I'm trying out this new product from Aveda called be curly, a curl enhancer that minimizes frizz and boost shine into curly wavy hair. And soo far it has been working! I will keep you posted with more reviews on this product to tell you if it's a ya or na.
Talking about hair, I'm changing up my hair routine for the new year. I will be deep conditioning, conditioning, and giving it oil treatments... pretty much pampering my hair like it should be. (Loving your hair and it will love you back.) Sooo I probably won't be dying my hair anytime soon-- as I hoped. Thanks too Makeup and Meme for the great advice on how she takes care of her and also how I really want to dye my hair ash blond because she looks lovely with that hair color.


melissa said...

luv all the pictures , u have such a unique look i sware you're gonna b the next top model just stunning dear:)

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

You are beautiful and UR really love ur hair !!


V I V I D said...

You are very pretty!

Dandy-Doll said...

Looking gorgious :)

Lea said...

I love that dress..too bad I have no where to actually wear it too.

Great blog and style!

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