Saturday Night

Saturday adventured went out like a bang! I was really happy to go to my first fashion show that I was not participating in. And here you will see a snippet of what I liked from the show...

The Good$ Lyfe Fashion Show

Welcome to their show.

The Gentlemen's Table

Their quote "A gentlemen is one that lets his style and personality reflect his character." showed in their line and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely wear their items... and their styling magnificent!

To check out more of The Gentlemen's Table go on there page. (click link )

Wanting more of the fashion show ?? Be on the look out on ItsMyTaste!


Brooklyn Grace said...

hello dear,
Thanks for your comment on my bloG!!!!
I will love to feature you!!
let me know
I have followed you on GFC

Imani Love said...

Absolutely lovely! LOVE your bloggy <3
-Imani Love

Ricci said...

your photos r great!!

Skinny said...

Love the graffiti

GlamShion said...

i lovee your blog! thanks for your comment! i follow you here and facebook:)


Hola Bambi said...

Love your blog xx

Ag said...

I LOVE the fourth photo!!!! putting it on my tumblr if u don't mind