Like Simple as Can Be

Doing a new segment for Tuesdays!! Called On the Look Out soo make sure you scroll down to see other people and their own personal style.

On the Look Out
This 17 year old girl from Colombia named Val is inspired by 40's-60's style who is not afraid of color, shares her style with Black Pearls!! Bringing fun and youth to the table, she represents her own personal style in which I love.
Hope you guys enjoy!!


Halie said...

Mhmm, it rocks.

Delia Pitu said...

Wow you look absolutely amazing, as usual. I am so in love with your blog!!!


Hola Bambi said...

stunning safari girl :) x

Aya LuxLife said...

Hey darling,

great picture, you really look great!

Im following on google and Bloglovin!

I would like to share my blog with you, i hope you will follow back if you like it.


xoxo LLD

Ticka said...

I kind of love that jumper you're wearing!! Very cute!!

Vals use of color in this outfit is awesome! Love her jacket!

Great segment idea!

Annie said...

Fantastic look!

Ally said...

Love that shirt you're using as a light jacket. Very cute!

DORIS said...

I really like your outfit! You are so stylish and you look amazing.
I'm following you now :)

Kristin Reynolds said...

This outfit is just fantastic! I loveee it!

Lali pops of colour said...

you have a great blog <3 I love it.

hope you can check mine as well :



Outi said...

Love the colors in this look, and the simplicity of it <3
You've got great style and you're incredibly beautiful!

Love from Finland,

Saritschka said...

Oh, I love this beige-white-yellow combination! You look awesome! :)

Xx, Saritschka.