Hello New World

 A year to remember, for I am officially out of High School!! My days were spent studying,testing, and figuring out new interest such as doing make-up and photography. I'd never thought high school would ever come to an end; even though I wish upon it, I will surely miss those days when sitting in a desk drawing for AP Studio while I'm suppose to be doing Spanish work, rushing to class because I was talking to another student, or buying food out the vending machine every time I would get out of each class ( I think it spent $15 each week on junk food because I didn't want to eat school lunch ) Now it's time for a new beginning, anew beginning called COLLEGE

Me, My mom, and Grandma 

Me and my mom

Me and my mother's friend Lory 

Hedaya, me, my best friend Samira, Sabot (pictures of the young-ins)

La Familia 
Pics of Today

My Photography 

(Make-up done by me)
Need any pictures done contact me by email: asiah.gregory@yahoo.com


Ticka said...

Congratulations!! You looked beautiful & I know you're destined for greatness!!

Whitney James said...

Congrats and I wish you all the best as you start a new chapter in your life! I know you're Mom is super proud! :-)


Patricia loves fashion said...

Your smile is really beautiful :)

Rose Charles said...

Congratulation, what school are you going to?
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