What are your Angles?

It's good to know every angle of your face to take great pictures so your pictures don't look like this. lol.  In taking a good picture you always have to find the light so you can highlight your features and get that great quality picture facing toward the light . Here's some tips to start off!

1.Mirror Mirror on the Wall-practice is the number one key to find your best angles or features when taking a picture. You always want to enhance your best asset so what better what than to stare at your self in the mirror!!! But really its about "ticking" ,moving your chin and head slightly towards every angle (up,down,left,right, or tilt position ) possible to find that perfect one .

2. Selfie Galore- When you are not around a mirror your cell phone camera is always your best friend. With natural lighting in the day time or in your work place.. you can take as many pictures as you please and go back to find out what is your best angle. Before you place a picture on Instagram ask a friend or family member how you look or which picture would be a better representation of yourself.

3.Camera Ready- Have a fresh glowing face and hair up to par to have a natural more effortless beauty picture. You can even emphasis  your feature ( eyes, check bones, and lips) by applying make-up. You can go for a dramatic look or a sweet natural look, which ever you decided to do don't forget to SMIZE ! or Smile.. 

xoxo Asiah! 
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