Jacksonville FLORIDA!!

Had fun in Jacksonville, Florida with my mother and my dog Levi. It took us 7 hrs to get there because our direction were wrong.
 My favorite attraction in Jacksonville was the beach, outlet mall, and St. Augustine where we saw the old drug store, one of the old fighting grounds, and the first built school. They perserved all of these attraction which was really cool and great to see. Levi kind of limited some of our plans because pets weren't allowed but I didn't mind, beside it was his first trip to another state. In which he was really good when we were on the road but not so good when it came to leaving him at the hotel. I wish we could of stayed longer but school is around the corner and spring has come to an end.

                                   inside the small kitchen for the school

It is just like a Benihana or a Yamoto but it already comes with the fried rice so you don't have to pay extra. Also they give you a choose of dressing ranch or vinager. My meal only cost 19.75 ( stake and shrimp ) but if you just wanted stake it would of cost 20.25 which is crazy but I enjoyed my meal and it filled me up.

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Sunny Side-Up said...

The food looks delish!

God bless!