Bright April

Ugh school, don't you love it...well I don't, I can't wear anything that I want to wear to school because of a dress code. You can't even wear ripped jeans that have been patched up inside, like what is that??!! And even putting on jeans and then adding a sweater to this outfit was not acceptable for school but luckily they didn't send me home for it.
Originally this dress that I am wearing is actually a skirt. My idea for doing this was that I could not find a dress that was not to short but flow "y" and nice.
My lovely Levi couldn't just stay inside the house so I brought him with me to take a picture. Doesn't he look so adorable.


Boîte à Nana said...

Beatiful pictures, I love your outfit!

Sunny Side-Up said...

Your dog is tooo cute! Levi smiles!!!!