Vintage Wonder Land

Finally took some pictures ! Sorry I haven't been updating like I should but school is a bugger right now. I have all these performance finals and EOCT ( End of Course Test ) that started today and will continue all through out May. Ugh!! don't you hate doing test but over all I have been doing good.
I decided to wear this dress that had in my closet for over 2 months and put it to use. And now I'm just in love with it.

I also put on another dress that I wore from my group performance at my school dance concert. We did really good and I'm really happy that I landed on my feet when I had to do a front flip. If I had the video for this dance I would show you but difficulties with the camra and was unable to show the video. Hopefully I will find a copy to post up.

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Tayler said...

I LOVE the blue crochet dress, and your hair looks fab curly like that :)