The Days In March Update

Overalls never really use to be my style. My mother would always pick out some but I aways use to walk away. Suddenly, I'm getting the fever of overalls. haha The next type of overalls I would love to get are the longer versions because then I think I can play it up a little bit, making it Tom boyish.
Today at school I just learned what a "snap back" is. ( A hat that snaps in the back and can pop up in the front ) If only I had a picture of somebody wearing one I would show you. However, I didn't bring a camera to school.  The most exciting part of my day was leaving school campus. No work to be done for this whole day from teachers who actually care. So far I have not accomplish none of my school work but this post. haha This just gives me leisure away from all the cramming in equations and speeches in my head. (Hope nobody is suffering like me right now )

Dooms day was approaching. The clouds were rolling in full of rain in which poured poured poured down onto my face.....well not exactly, I had an umbrella but that didn't stop my hair from becoming a hot mess. Every teacher I walked by told me the lamest joke about me and my green blazer. All I could do really was shake my head and proceed on with my day. ( Some people I just don't get )
From you to me, tell ME what happened in your day .
xoxo asiahlynn
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Ariana said...

Great style!

Mina said...

aww i love ur style! i especially lovvve the background photo on ur blog! its prefection

Anonymous said...

great pics, love your style

Black Pearls said...

Thank you guys!

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

I like so much both looks! maybe my favourite is the second :)

I need your help, if you like my look please vote me here


your vote is very important for me :)

Anonymous said...

Great outfits! You're style is really unique.