Sweet 17!!

Happy Belated Birthday to me!! I had alot of stuff going on this weekend which caught me off track on updating my blog soo this is probably going to be the LONGEST and BIGGEST blog post I have ever done since..... my trip to New York. My HAIR IS STRAIGHT!!

I originally had on a button down blue jean skirt but because I was going to a basketball game I decided to put on my favorite harem pants and Adidas.

The Behind Scene of my sweet 17!
Before me and my friends went out we met at my house and of course took PICTURES!!  Then it was off to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Cheesecake Bistro. After that we decide to do a little shopping in Atlantic station and Lenox mall. I'd enjoyed spending time with my friends. They made my bday a little bit more special than it really was. Also the weather was just beautiful! The BEST birthday ever!

They thought they were cool haha

Fun Pic
My Bday Cake!!
One of my gifts received from the greatest mom ever!! A ticket to see Lebron James in action against the Hawks. I love love LOVE Lebron James. The Heats won and Lebron lead his team to victory. I was very happy that they won and got to take pictures of him ( to bad I couldn't get a better shot but it's close enough )


Lini said...

i love the maxi skirt ^__^I'm searching for something similar <3

Black Pearls said...

Thnx. I actually got mine at Urban Outfitter.