An Indian Dream

I love love love patterns like the one on my shirt. I can not wait to go to the thrift store today to see if I can find some more just like this. I really want to do a D.I.Y. so I may do one for you guys when I find out what am I doing haha.


ronan said...

amazing top! and i love the way it goes with the bodycon skirt! looks so gorgeous on you :) ronan x


maphi said...

loving the details , both patters look great together xoxo

Molly Xxx said...

LOVE the clashing prints!! The aztec print is beautiful, cant believe its from a thrift store! You are seriously so pretty Xxx

Dominique W. said...

That is an awesome top! Color, print and style!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Great skirt (:

Emily said...

Lovely pictures, the skirt looks good on you
Maybe you'll have the time to visit my blog:)


Love, Emily

Chelsea-Jane said...

Thanks for your comment :)
Love your blog, This outfit is beautiful !

Neiry said...

Love this outfit♥


Joi said...

omg omg omg....LOVE THE PRINTS!!!
i myself am a Print FIEND!!!!!
gotta have em, mix em with everything,
and u my friend, are rockin em well.


T like BubbleTea said...

Very cool print on the top, very Proenza Schouler - and I like the chuncky boots!

Fashion Means Everything said...

I love the blend of your style