Two Sides Of The Story

 Hey Everybody! How has it been going? Well my Summer break has been going quite boring but in a relaxed way.haha; however, I need to take care of some things likeee find my inspiration for next year. Looking at all my clothes and selling the ones I really never wear and I will soon have some posted up on here when I find the same camera and don't be lazy about the situation. So be on the look out. haha

 Trying not to look so mean but I guess that is how my face is, in most pictures.

I really wanted to use a grocery cart in one of my shoots with my mother and there had so happen to be a grocery cart in the area so I took it and just had fun!


Toria said...

I love the skirt in the first pics! And the black and white tights are so unique! :)


EevvaStyle said...

you have great style!