The Days in July You've Missed

Had a great time with my love ones they showed me alot of love. A vacation that I will not forget will be this one indefinitely. Everything was just relaxing and breath taking. But now I am home and here with you guys! I want to say thanx to all my new followers I really appreciate it. 2 more weeks left and school will be back in session!! I am so happy school is almost here for two reasons: 1 I have another year to give my all when it comes to fashion; 2 to see what this year brings me. That is pretty much it on why I would be so happy. haha I hope every teenager or adult is having a great summer!!! Live it up!


ylenia said...

Great post! love the outfit of photo 1 and the distressed jeans!

Despina T. said...

beautiful post!so many great outfits :)

Ellie said...

There are so many amazing outfits! Love them all!
Glad you had a good time :)

Sabrina T. said...

wow i love your style dear!love your hair too:)
I'v just discovered your blog and i like it soo much!!
I'd be happy if u come into my blog and follow if u like it..i wait u:)
kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à POrter

Femke de Groot said...

I love all the looks!
awesome post and blog dear,

from my-fashion-fairytale.blogspot.com

CILLA B said...

Wow Gorgeous hair and great style dear following

hannnah said...

omg! you are very beautiful:) if you want visit me and follow my blog;)

Sabs said...

the third photo´s the best :) and every photo, nice blog :)

Auróra said...

loving your denim bandanna in the picture with the puppy ;)

Toria said...

All the outfits are cute but I especially LOVE the one with the white pants and denim vest! Fab! :)