Black Denim

I finally got some high waisted black denim shorts... well they were actually pants until I cut them up. The shoes I just loved but after testing them that day I had a major problem. My foot kept on slipping to the front of the open toe and I had a shoe fixer to help that from occurring but it did not work. So I had people staring at my feet instead of myself and my outfit when I was at the mall. I felt so ashamed but now I know what I need to do. Fix them quick!


maphi said...

love the outfits so cute xoxo

ronan said...

love the outfits!:) xxx


Tassos P said...

Although, your shoes look great and I love the combination with those pretty socks! I hope you've made them by now :) I love your shorts and the whole look overall.

Emily said...

Yes, also love the combo!
The shorts are cute, you look great



pannaem said...

beautiful hair and shoes :)

sojourned in style said...

I love me socks and shoes! great look the denim looks very cool. hope the problem gets fixed!


kasiaroni said...

i'm your new fan! :) nice style