I Lace My Best

 Trouble shooting with hair going every where. But I had a great time with my mother laughing at me.
Anyway today was just a relax day working on my new project: denim flats. I am actually sewing  denim onto these old black flats that I don't wear because the "leather" is coming off. So far I am done with one flat ( kind of ) and well it's not easy I can tell you especially if you can't sew in a straight line ( Me ) but hopefully no one would be looking soo hard at them. I think I also want to ad sequins onto the black of the flat so it won't be to plain for me. haha Tomorrow I will show you a sneak peak of my flat.

What I found Blogging
Today searching for new inspiration by going blog surfing I found 3 off the wall; thumbs up blogs with their own sense of great style that I've been yearning for to show. The number one blog I truly fell in love with is QUIRKY EXPLOSION by Lexy. Her style is incredible!! I would totally dress up like her if I had her sense of style. Her style brings so much light and spunky-ness; patterns and colors,she knows how to put those to together without looking ridiculous. I just had to follow her to see her next move.
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My second crazy fashionista is Paolina Calur Villade a 16 year old with beautiful sense of creativity  that you can imagine. Her photos captures thrilling stories. Her style is one of a kind; she is who she is and it shows on her blog and I love it!!
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 Last but not least MACADEMIAN GIRL by Tamara. I love her blog because her outfits are fun and soo chic in which I can relate more so than others. Everything is so simple but it makes a bold statement. With a touch of color of her choice just makes it shine even brighter like a lovely diva she is.

Well those are my bloggers of today...Hope you like them. Also Check them out by clicking their blogging titles if you wish to see more of them!  See yah next time!

xoxo AsiahLynn


Jenni said...

thank you for the lovley comment :))

like your Blog :) really :))


Meena Dhuga said...

love the second inspiration! so cool! Love your dress too! Thanks for the sweet comment- you have such a darling blog here! ♥


Meena xxxx


I LOVE Lexy!! She is super cute and her writing is amazing! Tamara's outfit is super fierce! Love it! Love your lace dress! you are so beautifuL! Kiah


You are the cutest! Your dress is so summery and cute. You look like a doll! I love it. (Also, my sister has been dying for an amazing white dress -- she'd be sooo jealous of yours! haha.)

And aw! Thank you so much for the feature! I'm putting it up on my "Oh hey, I'm famous, no big deal..." link on the side, hahah. Thanks!


Magda said...

i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

Julian Tanoto said...

thanks for ur comment <3 really happy to read it;)

ur lace dress is soo lovely and the two tone blue&pink pumps is super <3 may I know where did u get it?:)

Journal J

sojourned in style said...

pretty lace dress. the denim flats sound so edgy and are a brilliant idea! I've been following quirky explosion for a while now and she never ceases to amaze me with her use of colour and pattern, such a creative soul. will be checking more into these other two!


Sabs said...

your dress is very nice!!


AAAAAAAAA!!! You're like the cutest person EVER!!! Thank you so much for featuring me!! :*** And I love your style and hair I have to say :)))

Lots of Hughs, Tamara <3

LA Lynn's said...

Ok, just READ your bio!!!! U were BORN for this...

Sunny Side-Up said...

I really like the lacy dress! So pretty and vintage looking!

:D :D :D

True said...

Love ur hairrr & the outfit!

- True


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

wow thank you so much for featuring me. I m sorry for commenting so late but i just found it:) i love your dress! it fits you so perfectly. It is very fairytale like with the white lace and peter pan collar. Very pretty <3