Heart Beat

(Heart Beat Necklace made by my wonderful Mother, Its My Taste)

 Me and my partner had a wonderful time at DECA State. Even though we didn't make it to nationals we learned a lot and had a great experience connecting with other people all over Georgia.  Next year we hope to make it since it will be our last year in high school. Now I've been working on my high school fashion show, Viva La Moda, which has pretty much taken over my time to chill and relax at home but it's worth it. Having this grand experience I have notice it takes a lot of work to get everything situated and thought out perfectly with people that understand what you are trying to produce. So I give props to all the designers and coordinators who have to go through this every season and everyday of their life to produce a fantastic fashion show that no one would ever forget.

Check It Out!
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LA Lynn's said...

Your Mom is the sweetest!!!! Cute sweater as well...

Camelia said...

That necklace is freaking awesome. Seriously. Your outfit is lovely. That fashion show sounds awesome as well! :)