Mustard Here We Go

Print Craze

"A day without a print is a day without color."

Welcome to the Fam. I love my new shoes I call them Desert. (Get it)
Viva La Moda

A fashion show production by Asiah and Brittney Reese.
It took a lot of time and pulling out hair to make this fashion show for Berkmar High School the best it could possibly be and might I say we did a pretty good job. Here are some pictures from our fashion show....

Our Scene BAS's (Brittney, Asiah,Steve-o) Staring Tanazia wearing DIY high waisted hombre shorts, Brittney's shirt, and Francesca scarf and purse.

Scene3: BAS's, Mikel wearing Ls1

 Scene 1: Spring Bazaar, Melany wearing Papaya's clothing

Scene3:BAS's, Yohana wearing Thrifted dress, Brittney scarf, and My belt and vest

Scene 4: Marry the Night, Nadia and Brandon David's Bridal/Men Warehouse

Scene2: Me!!! Cinderella's Closet

The End


Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Wow your Outfit is really great! I like everything and especially this beautiful glitter cardigan and your shorts!!! Perfect combination!!

Hope you visit me on my blog

Mesmerize said...

I love your jacket! so great:) and s wonderful photos:)
please visit me infree time:)